Faith in Action raises funds through donations and grants from individuals, organisations and trusts. We sponsor the education of individual children on an ongoing basis. For other projects, such as buildings, we normally raise funds on a one-off basis.

The cost of sponsoring one of our children ranges from about £10 per term for a child in nursery, to about £60 per term in primary school, to about £100 per term in secondary school and £350 per semester at University.

Our potential future projects include building a primary school, development of sustainable agriculture projects, provision of primary health care and support for the local church.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children or contributing to one of our future projects then please do Contact Us and we can provide you with details of where to make a bank transfer or send a cheque. We can also provide you with a Gift Aid form, if appropriate. Alternatively, we are registered with Stewardship account number 20160657 if you want to give through them.