Sponsored Children

Spnsored children rev1Faith’s father was a traditional cattle farmer who didn’t think that she needed to go to school. However, her Aunt believed in education and ‘adopted’ her, sharing her Christian faith as well as paying for her education. When Faith was in her 20’s she decided that she wanted to give the poorest children in her community the same chance as she had and she ‘adopted’ three children. Although education is technically free in Uganda, there are no nearby schools in Katete, and many families cannot afford the cost of transport, boarding, uniforms and books etc.

We now support up to 30 children, providing for these ‘extras’ without which the children could not attend school, and also providing school fees where necessary. Each year, Faith holds a ‘prize-giving’ day, celebrating the children’s successes and encouraging their parents to value education. Many of these children are orphans or semi-orphans. The children are supported throughout their education and some have continued onto further education, enabling them to apply for good jobs and break the cycle of poverty in their family.

Sponsorship costs between £10 and £60/month, depending on the level of education, and sponsors receive an annual report on their sponsored child/young person.

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Some children we have sponsored: