Impact of COVID-19

20 April 2020

We are living in unprecedented times with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Whilst Uganda seldom appears in the UK news, they too are fighting the Covid-19 virus. Africa appears to be about a month behind Europe in terms of the spread of Covid-19. On 18 March, Uganda closed all schools and colleges and put the country into lockdown for a month, as a preventative measure because of the virus spreading in neighbouring countries. This lockdown has now been extended to 5 May. At the time of writing, Uganda has only 55 confirmed cases, but this is a worrying time for Ugandans, as they wait to see whether the lockdown measures will be effective.

Isaiah Nursery & Primary School The school started the year successfully with 190 pupils (an increase of 50 from the previous year), and a good report from the external School Inspectors. The school is rapidly running out of classroom space, and so in February, following a substantial single donation, the trustees agreed to build three more classrooms and more teachers’ accommodation. This build is now sadly on hold, while we wait to see how the Covid-19 situation develops. We are in regular contact with our headmaster Denis and his excellent team, and we pray for their and the children’s safe return when the school re-opens from lockdown. We continue to pay the staff’s salaries, to support them through this difficult time, and will review this as circumstances change. We will also consider further ways we can support the community.

Facing a troubled future – It is almost certain that this already impoverished and fragile community will take a substantial economic hit from the pandemic. The lockdown has prevented crop sowing, markets are disrupted, food prices are bound to rise, and healthcare is minimal. I know that we have many calls on our generosity at this time, but please remember our Ugandan friends, who are going to need our support in prayer and donations more than ever over the coming months.

Thank you and God Bless

Revd Prof Linda Morgan

Chair of Trustees