Christian Engineers in Development

We partnered with CED to provide a dam of sufficient capacity to supply water to 1,000 people and 500 cattle. CED designed and oversaw the construction of the dam, and continue to act in a consultative capacity for its ongoing maintenance.

Church of Uganda North Ankole diocese

We partner with the North Ankole diocese and its health officer, Seith Abaho, to provide hygiene and sanitation education, to complement the construction of a reliable water supply to the village.

The diocese also supplies lay-readers to lead worship and oversee the new church congregation meeting on Faith Aguha’s land.

Holy Trinity Church, Claygate

Holy Trinity Claygate adopted us as one of their overseas mission partners, and supports us on a regular basis as part of its Outward Giving programme. We are especially thankful for the support of their wonderful congregation in raising just over £11,000 (including gift aid) for Phase 1 of our Isaiah Primary School Appeal.

Nias Wheatley Trust

The Nias Wheatley Trust has supported Faith in sponsoring children for many years, and is continuing to do this through Faith in Action Community Development.