As a Christian charity, we have confidence in the power of prayer and bear testimony to the way that God has led and guided us from the outset.

We invite those who wish to join us in prayer for the Katete community. The following are some pointers that might be helpful:

  • Pray for our new Isaiah Nursery & Primary School:
    • Thank God forĀ His faithfulness in helping us to bring the school to a fresh beginning.
    • Pray for ‘Phase 2’ of our build and our ongoing running costs – for more donations, and for the removal of any obstacles,
    • Pray that our new head teacher, Denis, and his staff, settle in quickly.
    • Pray for the local families (many of whom are impoverished), who are trying to support their children’s education.
    • Pray for our new pupils, many of whom have never been to school before.
  • Pray for wisdom, as we work with the Katete community to map out the future of its new school.
  • Pray for the church in Katete, and for the young lay reader, Nixon, who is leading it – because that is where community transformation really begins.
  • Pray for Mesach, who is progressing his plans to form a Community Based Organisation in Katete. He is working on some new community projects, as well as looking after the school and the dam.

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