Who we are

Linda websiteRevd Prof Linda Morgan (Chair)

Linda’s association with Africa began as a secondary school teacher in Botswana in the 1970’s. She is a clinical biochemist, who has worked both in the NHS and University sector, and is a Non-Stipendiary Minister at Holy Trinity Church, Claygate.

Barry Wakefield (Treasurer)

Barry has been a Project Manager for several major international companies in the energy industry and as such has extensive experience across northern and central Africa. Barry now runs his own engineering consultancy and was previously treasurer for Holy Trinity Church Claygate for over fifteen years, which should translate well to FIACD.

Roger websiteRoger Marsden

Roger is a retired Civil Servant who has extensive experience in overseas development work. He has past involvement in Northern Uganda, working with a charity that aided internally displaced persons during Uganda’s civil war with the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Steve websiteSteve Cramer

Steve has previously worked for Tearfund in Western Uganda, developing and supporting hospital services. He is currently a COO in the commercial sector, with skills in business strategy and finance.

Dr David Barnardo

David is a retired Consultant Physician in the NHS and Private sectors who, on retirement, fulfilled a number of roles in the Voluntary sector, chairing amongst others, Barnardo’s. David has just retired again and FIACD is now his only trusteeship.

Sarah Slater

Sarah’s professional background is in Leadership Development. As a mother of three, Sarah has extensive links in several primary and secondary schools and hopes to use these connections to raise awareness about FIACD.

Miriam Schafer 

Miriam is training to become a play therapist, helping primary school children who have social, emotional and behavioural problems. Miriam brings her marketing experience to FIACD.