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The Opening of our new Isaiah Nursery & Primary School! 

Linda Morgan and Roger & Jill Marsden visited Katete in January 2019. Here’s an update from Linda:

Roger, Jill and I had an action-packed fortnight in Katete. Thank you to Asaph and Sarah, a couple of our ex-students, for making us feel very welcome and comfortable in Faith’s home. I’m also really grateful to Roger for his untiring work in liaising with Pascale, the builder, and Denis, the head teacher, to tie down the detail of the ongoing budgets for the buildings and the school. I’m also grateful to Jill, who engaged the children at school with ‘Messy Church’ activities, and fostered our new link with Claygate Primary School. Above all, I want to give praise and thanks to God for His guidance and provision throughout; we were very aware of this throughout our stay.

Isaiah Nursery & Primary School opened on schedule on Monday 28 January 2019. Its official opening (the following Sunday) was attended by approximately 250 adults from the surrounding area, hordes of children, and the Church of Uganda. Thanks to Asaph (another of our ex-sponsored students) and his team for organising the fantastic celebration, and playing a recorded speech from Faith. A fine meal was enjoyed by all (which included my bull!). By 9 February, 133 pupils had enrolled, many from Katete’s poorest families.

The church has a new lay reader, Nixon, who has been appointed by Archdeacon Patrick. Faith is sponsoring Nixon’s training, and the community have built him a house, where he lives with his wife and small child.  He leads the Sunday service, and is also taking regular RE lessons at the school.

Mesach (another of our ex-sponsorship students!) has progressed his plans to form a CBO (Community Based Organisation). He has drafted some new community projects (adult literacy, smokeless ovens, health education, and food for the school-children), as well as looking after Katete’s dam and school. We are very grateful to Seith Abaho, the District Health Coordinator, for supporting Mesach.

I am very grateful to God’s faithfulness in helping us to bring the school to a fresh beginning, and have been inspired by this verse from Ephesians 3: Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us’. Amen.’

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We already have 133 pupils at ‘Isaiah’!

Pupils with their ‘Messy Church’ activities in one of ‘Isaiah’s new classrooms

Nixon, Katete’s new lay-reader

Delivery of some bananas by one of our ex-sponsored students, Jackson.

The Trustees visit to Katete In May 2018

Faith Aguha, Linda Morgan and Roger & Jill Marsden visited Katete in May. Here’s an update from Linda:

How encouraged I was by so many aspects of our visit to Katete. I thank God for His provision to the community there, and for the way that we sensed His ongoing guidance in so many ways during our visit. We’re also thankful to the community itself, for the amazing welcome and hospitality that we received.

We had a busy few days in Katete! Our sponsored children’s programme is working well (we checked up on every child) and we are indebted to Coleb for the smooth-running of this. It was also wonderful to see that the sponsored young people whose education had been completed had come back to Katete to help us in so many different ways.

The dam was full to overflowing, as the January rains were particularly good this year. In terms of agriculture, more cattle land has been given over to planting, and there are several small projects of coffee growing, which generate better income. We have also started looking into supporting Meshak (who has recently graduated) into setting up a Community Based Organisation in Katete. KICS micro-finance, smokeless ovens and reusable menstrual pads projects have the potential to be transferred to Katete, and a CBO called KICS (who are 3 hours from Katete) have offered help and training if necessary.

The church has a young lay reader called Jessie, who seems to be pastorally sensitive and sincere. We gave her some gifts on behalf of HTC, and we also met with the archdeacon to share Faith’s vision.

Fred Kakuru (one of our older graduates) has been running the Isaiah nursery and primary school since January, and there are now 69 pupils and four teaching staff. Jill enjoyed engaging the children in some action songs and craft, and they made a banner for the children at HTC Messy Church. In return, I presented the HTC Messy Church banner to the children, together with some prizes on our last day when the children had a prize-giving feast!

Our main challenge however, is that the Isaiah nursery & primary school has now outgrown its building! Two of the primary classes are taught in makeshift shelters, which leak in the wet season and can often become unusable. There is a huge need for a new school to be built, and we have identified a site on Faith’s land – it’s 75m from the Isaiah nursery school, on a sloping site and has shade from trees. We ask for your support, in whatever way you can.”

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Faith, Linda, Roger and Jill with Coleb and his family. Coleb is overseeing our sponsored children’s programme and the New Primary School

Faith with Fred and Meshach, who has just graduated and is looking to set up a CBO in Katete

Children enjoying the feast at prize-giving!

Jill engaging the children in action songs!

Linda Morgan and Faith Aguha

Helping children achieve a better life

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