Faith in Action Community Development raises funds through donations and grants from individuals, organisations and trusts.

The purpose of FIACD is to raise funds and provide grants for community development activities and projects in socially and economically disadvantaged communities in Uganda and nearby countries. For the last nine years, FIACD has raised funds for and provided grants to the community of Katete. This community is remote – the nearest jobs, schools, markets and shops are two hours’ walk away, and the economy is at a subsistence level. The population comprises of poor land owners, poorer tenant farmers and very poor refugees, and access to high quality education is limited.

FIACD’s belief is that high quality education can positively transform a child’s life and transform their entire community. FIACD’s focus this year is to provide sustainable, high quality education to more of the poorest children in Katete and its surrounding areas. 

Supporting Isaiah Nursery & Primary School 

If you would like to financially support the growth and development of Isaiah Nursery & Primary School, please contact our Treasurer, Barry Wakefield on

Our Bank Details:
Faith In Action Community Development
Barclays Bank: Sort code: 20-46-76, Account No. 93662063

If relevant, could you please find out if your employer operates a Corporate Matched Giving Policy and will match your contribution to your chosen charity (i.e. Faith in Action Community Development, Registered UK Charity No. 1153485).

Sponsoring Children’s Education

The cost of sponsoring one of our children ranges from about £10 per term for a child in nursery, to about £60 per term in primary school, to about £100 per term in secondary school, and £350 per semester at University.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children, or contributing to one of our future projects, please email Linda Morgan, so that we can provide you with details of how to donate. Alternatively, we are registered with Stewardship account number 20160657 if you want to give through them.

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